63 camping essentials for girls

63 Camping Essentials For Girls : A Practical Packing Guide

Hello Summer! One of the best outdoor family activities for summer is camping. Below is a full packing list. We also go a little further into the main items just for the girls in your crew, specifically that awkward and embarrassing bathroom stuff in the outdoors. As well as tips for choosing the right sleeping bag, first aid go-tos and more. 

 young girls hiking camping

Encouraging the girls in your family to participate fosters a spirit of adventure. As well as learning opportunities for a ton of things that aren't only just useful in the great outdoors. 


She will learn self-reliance, resilience, and some great problem-solving skills along the way. These skills will help mold her to be an independent thinker and a do it herself kind of girl. A camping experience is also the best way to help her gain an appreciation for nature.


Being well prepared for your outdoor trips by having all the supplies that your girls need, plus a few things to make the trip extra fun and special, is a great way to make sure she has a great experience with memories to last a lifetime.



63 Camping Essentials for Girls:

Basic Things Girl Things
1. Tent, stakes, tarps 37. Pads & Tampons
2. Sleeping bag & pillow  38. Feminine Wipes / baby wipes
3. Flashlights & Lanterns 39. Urination device / Pee funnel 
4. Batteries 40. Menstrual Cup
5. Axe, hammer & pocket knife 41. Period Underwear
6. Lighter, matches & starter
7. Whistle 
8. Backpacks First Aid Things
9. Waterbottles 42. Bandages - various sizes
10. Water purifiers 43. Anti-bacterial cream / spray
11. Towels 44. Antihistamine cream
12. Waterproof picnic blanket 45. Antihistamine meds
13. Extra Blankets 46. Tick Remover
14. Bug Spray 47. Tweezers
15. Sunblock 48. Saline
16. Battery or generator for electronic charging
17. Clothes {both warm & cool}
18. Water shoes & Waterproof boots Personal Things
49. Toilet paper
50. Baby wipes
Kitchen Things 51. Hand sanitizer
19. Paper towels 52. Dry shampoo
20. Cooler & Ice 53. Hair ties & headbands
21. Table 54. Deodorant
22. Trash bags (leave no trace)
23. Skillet & Pot
24. Cutting board & kitchen knives Fun Things
25. Scissors 55. Smores supplies
26. Tongs, Spatula & Spoon 56. Board games
27. Can & bottle opener 57. Hammock
28. Large bowl & strainer 58. Bluetooth Speaker
29. Dish sponge, soap and large bucket for dishwashing 59. Books
30. Foil & Ziploc bags 60. Football
31. Plates, bowls, cutlery & cups  61. Cornhole set
32. Water jugs
33. Grill & charcoal
34. Grill Accessories & Utensils  Extra Things
35. Cleaning Spray 62. Binoculars
36. Grocery Items 63. Ponchos


 tree in the woods

Now that you have the full list, here a few items I wanted to go a little further into. 



Whether you are car camping or tent camping, the right sleeping bag is not only a good idea, but an absolute must. Even if your family has had an incredible day hiking, fishing or exploring, at the end of the day is when they may start wondering why you opted out of a cozy, comfy bed. A freezing cold or sweaty night could be the thing that ruins the trip for everyone. 


Keep in mind that not all sleeping bags are made for all sorts of camping conditions. Some are specific for warm weather; others are best for cold weather and then some are designed for somewhere in between. You will want to check the description to be sure that you are making the right selection for your family's excursion. 



Girl Stuff 

 Let’s face it, roughing it is easier for boys than girls in some ways. Particularly when it comes to bathroom stuff, like peeing and periods. A little extra planning and packing to make sure your girl is covered when it comes to these things will go a long way. 


Going pee without modern indoor equipment is challenging for a grown-up woman, let alone a young girl. If you have ever helped a little one “go” in the woods without getting her clothes, shoes, socks and legs wet then you know exactly what I am talking about.  


Luckily, there is some modern equipment for the outdoors that will help! It comes in the way of a urination device or pee funnel. Imagine a urinal of sorts, for girls. This gadget takes all of the mess out of the situation. And now there are several on the market so check them out and see which works best for you. 


A few other fairly new products on the market make it easier for girls to have a blast doing all the fun outdoor stuff without her period interfering. One of these are menstrual cups. Now, these can take a little practice to use, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to a girl that is still pretty new to this whole period thing. But a teen girl who is comfortable with a tampon could benefit. 


One new item out there that I haven’t tried yet but am really curious about is period underwear. If they prove to be all they say they are, this could be a game changer. Especially for younger girls. If anything, they could serve as a great back up since popping into a bathroom with running water and a trash can isn’t around every corner in the wilderness. Check out this article that gives the pros and cons to a few different tested products. 


Aside from these two make sure you have plenty of the usual pads and tampons stocked. Even if your daughter hasn’t started her period yet. If she is showing any of the signs, go ahead and pack it. It will be worth it if Dottie or Flow or whatever you want to call it, makes an appearance without a drug store in sight. 


This may be stating the obvious, but make sure you have plenty of toilet paper handy as well as wet wipes. Obvious, yes, but somehow those two things are also easily forgotten.  A wetting accident or period surprise can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for girls to talk about and create even more embarrassing and uncomfortable situations for her if you aren’t both prepared. 



Natural Beauty Still Requires a Product or Two 

Camping is all about the natural beauty of nature and connecting with the outdoors. No make up required! However, there are still some practical hygiene things to consider. Otherwise, your girls will contend with breakouts, bug bites and more once the camping trip is over, especially for your pre-teens and teenagers. 


Face wipes or face wash is still needed to wash off the dirt, sweat, sunscreen and bug spray the day piled on. Make sure you pack something for your daughter to keep the breakouts at bay while showers are in short supply. 


Sneak in sunscreen wherever you can. You will want to pack face moisturizer, lip balm or maybe even a tinted face moisturizer for older girls. All of these have options that include an SPF. So why not grab the one that does over the one that doesn’t have any sun protection. 


Another stating the obvious, but if you think you’ve packed enough insect repellent and sunscreen…toss in another. Packing as light as possible is the goal, but you will not regret an extra bug spray, I assure you. 


Little girls may not care about wild and crazy hair. But teen girls may. Dry shampoo will be a lifesaver. It will help absorb extra oil and keep her hair fresh until an actual shower is available. Also, be sure to pack plenty of hair ties, clips or headbands to keep hair manageable and out of the way. 


I say, let girls be as frilly and girly as they want, even if they are trekking through the wilderness. So, if your girl feels more confident and comfortable with her hair put together and make up on, then let her go for it. One of the greatest things about being a girl is that she can participate in outdoor activities and sports and be as girly girl as she wants or not. She can be herself! 



Keep Hydrated

Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle for everyone on the trip. Your girls can get engaged and excited about the trip by picking out their own. Or covering one in stickers that let them show their personality a bit. 


Even if you are planning to pack several gallons of water, packing water purifiers is a great idea. It could be a lifesaver in a pinch or emergency. This will allow you to have clean drinking water from just about any available water source. 


Keep in mind that your family may be doing a lot more physical activity than usual and a lot more sweating. Keeping everyone hydrated will make sure they stay healthy and ready for the next activity. As well as keeping everyone's moods on happy side of things. 



Safety Stuff 

Packing a good first aid kit is crucial. When getting this together be sure to include bandages of all shapes and sizes as well as antibacterial cream or spray. A scraped knee or fishing hook incident is within the realm of possibilities here. Sometimes a cute bandage goes a long way in getting over it for little girls. Heck, I like a cute bandage myself! Check these out, they are a great option for a camping trip.


We’ve covered bug spray already. But in your first aid kit, be sure to include a tick remover. Ticks can be serious business if left unattended. They can cause several serious illnesses, including Lyme Disease and TBE. A tick remover tool is everything! This thing is worth it, I promise. 

Be sure to bring a printed map of the trails around your campsite and campsite itself. Especially if you are planning on camping in a more remote location. Yes, there are tons of apps and surely you have all this information on your cell phone. But should you not have a signal, or your battery dies, a good ‘ol paper copy will help you get back to civilization. 



Your Girl is Ready for a Road Trip

Taking a girl camping doesn’t just expose her to outdoor survival skills. It encourages her to be fearless and adventuresome. It gives her an opportunity to disconnect from the stress of school, social media and schedules. And allows her to soak in the fresh air, sunshine and nature. Hopefully these suggestions will help you pack in those necessary items on your next camping trip. 


If you have some packing list must haves for your family, especially for your girls then share it with us!


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