31 Best Gift Ideas For Girls Who Hunt - 2023 Guide

31 Best Gift Ideas For Girls Who Hunt - 2023 Guide

Christmas is around the corner. Crazy how that sneaks up on us every 365 days. If you are shopping for a girl who hunts, we’ve got you covered in our list of 31 of the best hunting gifts for her. 



Let’s get right to it. 


  1. Camo pants and shirt, designed for girls.

  2. Camo jacket, designed for girls.

  3. 3D Target

  4. Trail camera

  5. Waterproof boots

  6. onX hunt app

  7. Sunglasses

  8. Pack or Backpack

  9. Socks

  10. Youth Model Bow

  11. Youth Model Gun

  12. Blanket

  13. Knives

  14. Monogrammed Gun Sling

  15. Range Finder

  16. Blind

  17. Chair

  18. Bow Release

  19. Magazine Subscription, just for her

  20. Garmin outdoor watch

  21. Crocs

  22. Safety Harness

  23. Bow Case

  24. Gun Case

  25. Jewelry

  26. Headbands

  27. Hand and Feet Warmers

  28. Books to keep occupied while in the stand / blind

  29. Stickers for cases

  30. Scent control

  31. Headlamp


From practical gear to stylish accessories, this list offers a range of options that are sure to set your young hunter up for their best season. For seasoned and new hunters alike. 




Camo Pants and Shirt - Designed Just For Her

There are more options out there now for youth hunters than ever. But, most are designed to be unisex which likely doesn’t fit your female hunter well. This line of camo hunting clothes just for girls from Lea Avery Gear would be the perfect gift. 

The pants are designed with a skinny leg style that are both functional and look great. The skinny leg allows her to easily pull her boots over her pants, keeping the hem clean and dry. If your girl lives in leggings, then she will love these. 

The shirt is super stretchy and comfy. With thumb holes to keep her arms covered and warm, it could even double as a good base layer.

Best of all, this line has a very unique feminine floral camo pattern. She will know right away these are just for her. 


girls camo pants and girls camo shirt


Camo Jacket - Designed Just For Her

No matter the game or hunting season, she needs a good outer layer. Now that you have camo pants and shirt on the list, grab the matching Lea Avery Gear jacket. It has the same floral camo pattern, plus lots more. 

With plenty of pockets she will have room for everything she needs to keep handy. Not to mention it is very soft inside and out, with water resistant qualities to keep her warm and dry. A must have for those late-season hunts. 



3D Target

Practice makes progress. If your female bowhunter is working on her aim and building her draw weight then a target is a good idea. 

This Black Hole Archery Target has great reviews on Amazon. With the 18” size coming it is one of the most economical options out there. 


If she is really working on dialing in that ethical shot, then this Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target on Amazon is a great option. I can tell you that we purchased this same one and it lasted for years. 


Either one of these will be perfect for getting in that target practice. 



Trail Camera

Chances are she has been setting game cameras with you for a while. Getting her own and allowing her to pick the spot and scout is a great hunting gift and the best way to get her pumped for the season.  

She can get pictures straight to her phone with this Spypoint Link Micro-LTE. She will be so excited to see big game photos pop up on her phone. 




Waterproof Boots

For our family, Muck Boots are the only way to go. We pack them in for any outdoor activity. Whether hiking through our property, spending a day at the creek or hunting. If we are going to be outside, the Muck boots are going with us. 

These boots are 100% waterproof. They have little kid and big kid sizes. You are able to shop by the terrain you will be navigating as well as features that are important to you. They even have camo options. These boots would make a cool gift for all young hunters.




OnX Hunt App

 A subscription to the onX Hunt app is a fantastic gift idea. This app has a 4.9 star rating and is promoted by tons of hunting professionals. OnX Hunt essentially replaces a GPS but has so many additional features. Some of these include weather and wind direction information.

It has several tools to help her track game activity by using waypoints to mark rubs, tracks, scat or sightings. Use the waypoints to mark stand and trail cam locations as well. 

One of the best things about this app is that it will allow her to be safe on her hunt. The maps offer property line indicators so she can tell if she has ventured too far off of where she is supposed to be. She can download maps before she goes out if there won’t be very good service. Best of all, the tracker feature will help her get back to the truck, camp or meeting spot, even in the dark.   




Who doesn’t love a new pair of sunnies? She will love a new pair of sunglasses for everything she does outside, but you may not have considered them an important piece of hunting gear. 

Sunglasses with impact resistance can offer eye protection from branches or any other projectile that comes her way. 

Polarized shades are great if she will be out in broad daylight or snow conditions where there is high glare. They offer protection against bright light and UV rays. If you have ever seen the world through a good pair of polarized shades you know that they just make everything look cooler. 

I learned recently that yellow, orange, or amber tinted sunglass lenses improve the contrast of blue and green, which would be ideal in a forest setting. 

If she is ready for a high end, name brand pair of shades then Ray-Ban or Costa are our favorites. And these shades would be perfect. 

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic with a brown lens.

 Or Coasta Sullivan with a rose gradient polarized lens




Pack or Backpack

I am a bag lady! I love a purse, backpack, gift bag, reusable bag, beach bag, you name it. I am one of those who think you need a separate bag for everything. But having a separate hunting pack that stays ready to go ensures she doesn’t forget anything. And saves time when she is prepping for the next hunt. 

If you are shopping for a new hunter then there are lots of inexpensive options out there. I think we grabbed a camo backpack from Walmart when my daughter first started hunting with her dad. 

But if you are looking for a quality, durable, made just for kids pack then check out Western Edge Gear. This company was founded by an Elk hunter and dad who made gear for his son’s Cub Scout friends. These bags are designed with tons of features and made for long hikes, overnight hunting, rough terrain and camping and hauling. 

The accessories allow you to really deck this thing out. I am particularly interested in the gun carrier myself! You can just get the bag on its own, which starts at about $123 or opt for the entire package which includes a frame system. I’m telling you, these things are serious. 




I am sure socks are on a “do not gift” list somewhere. But you can’t go wrong with Merino Wool and these socks are super cute. They also come in three different sizes, so matter how old your girl is, likely these will work great. 

Darn Tough also makes the cutest socks built for all sorts of outdoor activities. 



Youth Model Bow

Outdoorlife released an article just recently where it named the Bear Legend XR their pick for best overall Youth Compound Bow. This bow accommodates shorter draw lengths starting at 18 inches. And is priced under $500. 

Staying in the Bear Archery family, a more economical option is their Limitless RTH compound bow. This one comes ready to go at $250. 



Youth Model Gun

The most important thing in considering a rifle for your kid is the distance between the trigger and the end of the rifle but. This will determine how comfortably your kid can rest the gun comfortably in their shoulder and still look down the site. Finding the right fit can be the difference between an awkward 1st encounter or the start of a lifelong appreciation. 

Be careful not to confuse compact with a youth model. Compact can mean a short barrel that can be easier to carry through the woods and not have anything to do with the size of the shooter.

A bolt action single shot rifle can help train a young shooter how to operate a firearm safely without the dangers of a magazine that can potentially hold extra rounds. 

The Savage Youth Rascal .22 LR Bolt-Action Adjustable Rifle is a great option




Staying warm during those late season hunts when she’s hiked in and is now sitting is always a challenge. Adding a blanket to the pack could save the day. There are several options out there that pack in really tight and are easy to hook onto her pack.

What I like about this one on Amazon is that it is super affordable, comes in a size for kids, is waterproof and has snaps that will keep the blanket wrapped around her keeping her hands free and ready for her shot. The downside to this one is that they don’t offer a camo pattern. They do have an olive green option, that could be ok. 


The name brand in this type of blanket is Rumpl. They do offer a camo pattern and likely a higher quality. Check out their National Parks Collection! The New River Gorge and Great Smoky Mountains are on my personal wish list for sure. 




For a quality hunting, or anything really, knife we tend to buy the Buck Knives brand. They are affordable, sold just about everywhere and work great. In addition to that, they are a family owned business and make their knives here in the US. 

Buck Knives will allow you to build a custom knife, complete with engraving if you are going for something really special. 

Otherwise, a solid pick is the 284 Bantam BBW knife. It is on the smaller side with a 2 ¾” blade. 



Custom Gun Sling

Anything monogrammed or customized is always a safe bet. Consider getting her a special sling, designed just for her. Etsy is always a go to for anything custom and they have a ton of sellers who offer this.  I love this dogwood flower option



Range Finder

Having a good rangefinder in her kit is the key to an ethical shot. Especially while she is still learning her range. 

The name brands in rangefinders are going to be names like Leupold and Bushnell. Outdoorlife recently named the Leupold 1500i TBR/W as their best overall monocular rangefinder. 


If you are building her gear and trying to keep it under a budget, check out this option on Amazon, the Gogogo Sport Vpro. Affordable, with a camo option and over six thousand great reviews, it may be worth giving a try. 




She will need a blind that is light, easy to pack in and out and easy to set up. Check out Nukem Hunting. Their blinds weigh just  3.5 lbs and can be carried over shoulder or stuck in a pack. 

She will absolutely be able to set this up on her own, even if she is a young hunter. No tools or stakes needed. 

Because it is so portable it is ideal if spot and stalk hunting is her thing. 




There are a ton of options for chairs out there. What I suggest taking into consideration is the weight and packability of the one you choose. You won’t want to overload her so she can’t make the hike in and out of woods to her blind or stand. 

This one is very affordable and very light, at only 1 lb. She will also get good use of it as a target practice chair if you are shooting at an outdoor range. The downside is, without a back it might be uncomfortable if she will be sitting for a long time.


This option weighs in at 4.5 lbs and backrest to make the wait a little more comfortable. It also has a cup holder and mesh pocket to keep snacks and phones handy.



Bow Release

If you are stocking up on archery supplies for your young women hunters add a bow release to your list. This Tru-Fire Patriot Caliper Release - Jr. Model is a great value. The reviews are solid at 4.5 with several mentioning that it perfectly fits their kids as young as 8 years old. 




Magazine Subscription - Just For Her

Sometimes it can be hard for a girl who is into outdoor sports like hunting and fishing to find other girls she can relate to. Check out Adventuress Magazine, the only one specifically for women. It is chock full of girls just like her! She will love getting this magazine each quarter and reading tons of tips, stories and gear highlights. A magazine subscription is one of the most unique hunting gifts you can give. 



Garmin Outdoor Watch

The Instinct Solar line of Garmin watches have, like the name suggests, solar charging abilities. This allows for a very long and dependable battery life. Some reviews mention 30 or more days of battery life. This means there is no worry that she won’t be able to access GPS or find her way out of the woods because her phone died after a long day. 

It also gives her easy access to information like sunrise and sunset times, so she can be sure she is within legal shooting hours. It also connects with her smartphone, so texts and calls are easily seen without much movement spooking game. 

Most of all it is super durable so it can stand up to whatever her adventure has in store. It comes in a variety of colors, I am in love with the teal. It also has a camo option. 

As a parent, I love the safety features of this watch. When it is paired with a smartphone she can send her location to you or her hunting partner. The Incident Detection feature is activated if the watch senses an impact or drastic deceleration and sends a notification to an emergency contact. 




Crocs or Birkenstocks

You may be thinking, what do Crocs or Birkenstocks have to do with hunting? Well, maybe not directly with hunting. But, keeping a pair of shoes back at the truck that she can slip into at the end of the day is a very useful gift. 

 If she is not particular with the name brand, these are a fantastic option

This way she can toss muddy boots in the bed of the truck and have something easy handy for wearing around camp. Also, perfect in case you stop at a store or grab a bite to eat on your way back from the woods. 

Plus, both are popular so she will get a lot of use out of them, even outside of hunting season. 



Safety Harness

An absolute must if your daughter is leaving the ground at all. Don’t let her get into a hunting stand without good and proper fall protection. Our family knows first hand that falls can happen and if they do, it's a split second. Skipping or skimping on this piece of crucial gear, just isn't worth it. 

The one our daughter wears is by Hunter Safety System and is their Lil’ Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness. Designed for youth between 50 lbs and 100lbs. 


Bow Case

You made an investment in a great bow for your growing archer. Now make sure you protect it. A bow case is important to keep it protected and sighted in while being packed in or traveling around down bumpy dirt roads.

It needs protection off season too, shoved into closets or under beds. Consider for a second the chaos that is her bedroom. Yikes. 

If you are really trying to keep that haul as light as possible then check out the Plano Ultra-Compact Bow Case. It weighs 6 lbs and is designed for smaller bows. 




Gun Case

Just like protecting her bow, if she’s recently been gifted or will be gifted a firearm, she will need a case. This Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case will keep her gun safe from drops or getting banged around during travel. It will also protect the gun from dust and moisture as well as other damage that could cause an accidental discharge. 

You have both hard case and soft case options with both being priced about the same. 




Etsy, again, is a good place to find really unique jewelry. A great idea for your favorite hunter is a piece of jewelry. This allows her to show off both her girly side and her deer hunter side. 

I stumbled onto the cutest shop on Instagram, Texas Hospitality. They have a ton to choose from at really great prices. Check out how cute these Fish Hook & Antler earrings are!




Headbands make a great stocking stuffer or extra gift. They are really helpful in keeping her hair out of her face and eyes while target practicing, hiking or waiting for her opportunity. These headbands are a great quality with fantastic reviews from athletes. I love that their camo option is called Hustle. 



Hand Warmers

A must for keeping warm, especially during the late season hunts. Keep her well stocked so she never worries about running out. These make great stocking stuffers. 

We usually use the disposal Hot Hands because they are easy to pack, don’t take up a lot of space and easy to use. No need to charge anything or keep track of a single item. 


However, if you want a more environmentally friendly option, this OCOOPA hand warmer has over 28,000 great reviews. 





Books - To Keep Occupied While in the Stand or Blind

Check out our blogs for our top reads for girls under thirteen years old and reads for girls over 13 years old

Our family tended to opt for books with strong female leads who found themselves in situations where they had to be independent and overcome tough obstacles. Sometimes this was intentional since we were raising girls. But most of the time it was our natural preference. 

Encourage your daughters to spend this time outside being as disconnected from technology as possible. Encourage her to let her imagination run with the pages while nature is bustling around her. 

If my daughters had to pick just one suggestion for you, no matter the age group, I think they would say The Witch of Blackbird Pond





Many girls like to personalize, well just about anything. Water bottles, laptop cases, notebooks, backpacks. Her gun or bow case is one of those things. And not just for girls. My husband and his friends collect stickers from all over for their cases as well. 

Until she starts to build her own collection of stickers from a hike she took or gear she loves, get her started with some really cute outdoorsy or adventure themed stickers like these. These are one of those small items you can toss in as an extra gift. 




Scent Control For Girls

You can pick up scent free body wash and shampoo for hunters anywhere really. But, with names like… But what about dry shampoo, conditioner and lotion? Get her products from a line made just for hunters, but female hunters. 

The items from Southern Racks Outdoors are exactly that. The shampoo is designed for more than just being scent free, but has volumizing qualities and is safe for color treated hair.  Just because she is excited to trek through the woods doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be selfie ready when she harvests a trophy buck. 





Headlamps are not very fashionable…admittedly. She may not use it regularly, so that she doesn’t jump any deer on her way to or from her hunting spot. But a great thing to have ready to go if needed in her pack. 

 If following blood trails leads into the dark, this is a really helpful tool. It will allow her to keep her path lit and hands free. These also make a great stocking stuffer. 

This one is a great find on Amazon.   




That's A Wrap!

I hope you have so many great gift ideas now and are ready to go shopping for your favorite hunter. But, if you are still unsure of what to get, gift cards to your local Bass Pro Shop, Cabela's, Dick's Sporting Goods or Academy Sports make the best gifts too. Either way you decide to go, she will be so excited to be ready for her outdoor adventure. Happy hunting! 


Do you have gift ideas that we didn't mention? Let us know! 



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