How to Prepare for an Outdoor Day with your Girls - Raising Outdoor Girls

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Day with your Girls - Raising Outdoor Girls

How to Prepare for an

Outdoor Day with your Girls

Raising Outdoor Girls


If you have girls in your crew and are planning a day outdoors hiking, camping, hunting, kayaking, whatever then there are just a few additional thoughts and planning that you should consider. If you are a female, then you probably already consider these things for yourself, but maybe we can help you, help the younger girls in your family plan and prepare so their day outdoors is memorable for all the right reasons. There are two situations in particular that require a little forethought and I will just be blunt with it, peeing and periods.

Girls out hiking.

Obviously, girls and guys are not the same. Little boys know early on that when nature calls any tree will do. The task is a bit more complicated for girls, of any age. Perhaps these complications are a reason why girls stereotypically are not drawn to the outdoors. But I think, with a little thought and a few extra supplies on hand, these complications and any unexpected situations can be avoided, and they (we) can enjoy any adventure.

Accidents for little ones or period complications for older girls can really rob the day of some cool experiences. It’s hard to think back on what an amazing adventure was had if all you remember is being uncomfortable and embarrassed. In the same way you would pack bandages for blisters and first aid kits for scrapes, you should also pack a few extras for these unforeseen emergencies as well.

We’ll start with wetting accidents for little ones. Teaching a little girl how to pee outside without getting it all over her shorts, legs, socks, and shoes is a great parenting fete for anyone with daughters trying to get their family into the outdoors. There are products you can buy now that are supposed to make this process easier and less messy. A urinal of sorts for women. Both disposable and reusable. Check out Amazon for a few options. I was almost at this point with my daughters. While I never did end up buying and using one, I was certainly on the verge and would recommend giving it a try if this is a hard one for anyone in your crew.

In the end I ended up choosing shoes for her that were easy to get on and off and just taking everything off waist down, including socks and shoes whenever a potty break was in order on a hiking trail. I found out that this made things so much easier! But also removed the possibility of anything getting wet in the process. Which makes for a miserable experience for the rest of the day. I couldn’t imagine having to spend a hot summer day on a hiking trail, walking, in clothes wet with urine!

As a backup it is a great idea to keep a change of shorts or pants, underwear and socks in your pack or her's just in case. This is, of course, much easier in the summer when clothes are light as it is. But if you are on a cold weather outdoor adventure, this is a measure worth taking. Pack these things in a Ziplock bag along so you can use that Ziplock bag to tote any wet items back out. Of course, having toilet paper on hand is an obvious must. Check out our day hike packing list for more ideas and tips.

Have patience. They will get the hang of it and eventually won’t need your assistance. There will come a point in time where this part of your adventure won’t feel like an adventure all its own. But don’t skip out on it either. Nailing down this, albeit awkward, life lesson is an important part of teaching your girls to be comfortable in the outdoors.

The second possible day-ruiner to look out for is helping your girls figure out period stuff while spending the day without the convenience of toilets and running water. The very first step is making sure you have everything possibly needed before you head out. Just like you pack a first aid kit be sure to pack a “girl stuff” kit. This kit is a must if there are ANY females in your group. You never know if it could be a lifesaver for you or someone else. A makeup or pencil bag will do the trick. Anything that isn't bulky and only takes up as much room as the items inside is what I would suggest. Here is what we recommend packing so everything she needs is in an easy to grab and discrete spot.

  • Pads and Tampons
  • Feminine wipes or a small baby wipe pack
  • Extra underwear and shorts
  • Grocery bags, a few. Good for waste disposal and toting back any dirty clothes.

I suggest including a girl stuff kit with the rest of your gear, even if your girl hasn’t had her first period yet. If the signs are remotely there, it’s better to just have it on hand than not if the arises. The first periods are embarrassing, complicated and awkward enough but to have it pop up in the middle of the woods, completely unprepared, would be a nightmare for your outdoor girl. Something like that could scare her away from outdoor activities during that time of the month, if not all together. And that simply doesn’t have to be the case.

If your girl is hesitant to join the adventure because she’s worried about being embarrassed reassure her that you will pack everything she needs and take as many breaks as she needs. Let her know that if the worst happens, you’ll be ready for that too and she can count on you to help figure it out.

There are so many benefits to getting your kids outside. And while I will admit it comes with challenges. There is more to pack, little legs move slower and there may be some tears. But there are lifelong lessons and memories to be made. These lessons will mold them into capable grown-ups. Of course, I think this is even more true for girls since we are all about supporting girls in the outdoors. Helping your girls navigate all the things that make them a girl while embarking on an adventure that will teach them perseverance and strength and that they are capable of these things, will mold them to be incredible women one day. At least, I think so anyway. 

Let us know if you have additional tips to add to help parents and kids be prepared for their next adventure.


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