What's in a Name

What's in a Name

In our family we name everything! Our cars and our Roomba, which may not be too weird...maybe. But we have even named the tall pine tree that marks the start of our property line. Holly is the name of my car after Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, because she is blue. Stephens is the name of our Roomba because we thought it sounded like a character from Downton Abbey and who doesn't want a Butler in their life. Murphy is the name of our cat, as in Dale Murphy, #3 and MVP for the Atlanta Braves. The first names of my daughters are after my grandmother and my husband's grandmother. Most of the time when we name things, their names have meanings behind them like these do. Sometimes though they are completely random. The pine is named Eric...for no reason in particular. 

When I decided to start this company the very next decision, we all made together was the name. Lea Avery Gear. Lea and Avery are the middle names of my daughters. Lea is after the mother of a close friend and Avery is because we loved the sound of it. 

When it came time to start naming our items, I knew immediately I wanted them to represent one of our favorite family spots on the planet. The Georgia coast, Golden Isles. Darien is a city on the coast and near the Altamaha River. Sapelo is one of the barrier islands and is only accessible by boat. Our family spent a day here and is still one of my favorite things we've done in the many trips over years of visiting the coast of our home state. Cumberland is another barrier island accessible only by boat. We have made many trips to this incredible place. Cumberland Island is definitely at the top of the list for us. If you have never been, we highly recommend a visit. Unless, wild horses, mansion ruins, lots of hiking, fishing for an entire day with not another soul in sight just isn't something you're in to. All of these places have so much history and natural beauty. 

All of our future items will all stay in line with this theme. Right now, we are trying to decide what to name our upcoming fishing shirt and shorts! Hopefully, there will be many, many more following these. 

Another name we are trying to come up with is for our logo. She is a special lady and has to have a name! She is currently in the final stages of becoming a registered trademark. As soon as that is official, we will give her a name too. 

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