5 Youth Huntresses We Are Following Right Now

5 Youth Huntresses We Are Following Right Now

The best thing about being a girl, to me, is that we can be anything. You don’t have to be either a girly girl or a tomboy…you can be both! You can ride dirt bikes, hunt, fish, or whatever one minute and then dress up with makeup, fancy shoes, jewelry, and such the next. 

I guess you can totally wear makeup and jewelry while you zip around on a 4-wheeler, but I think you get my point. You can live in both worlds, and it is completely acceptable. It is more and more common to find girls playing aggressive sports and participating in more male dominated sports like hunting. 

And just because a girl is interested in those things, doesn't mean that she wouldn't also be interested in being on her school's cheer squad or participating in a pageant. I say do it all, be well rounded in your hobbies and interests!

Here are 5 Youth Huntresses who are doing just that. If you are a girl who likes to hunt, fish or shoot, I bet you find you have a lot in common with these gals. Check out their Instagram and give them a follow. 

Gracie P @gracies_outdoor_adventures

This Cheeto loving, gun enthusiast, free spirit shows us how she does her thing in South Dakota. I love her quirky and silly posts. But when it comes to zeroing in on her target, she is all business. Whitetail deer, hogs and turkey, she is about all of it. 

Like any pro she shows us she isn't afraid to do all the parts of hunting, from processing to cooking. 

Indoors she is on the mat wrestling! She even placed 3rd in her state meet. Her YouTube page bio says she is blazing a trail as a Haitian/American Huntress, and we couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

Check out her latest hunting success and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube.


Elena McDow @fishingwithelena

I love seeing the beautiful posts this globetrotting girl shares. Between the Cayman Islands, US and Panama she is all outdoors. You can see her camping, hunting, herping and fishing adventures on her Instagram page. 

If you are wondering what herping is, so was I. Luckily her dad filled me in. It is searching for reptiles and amphibians to take photos of them, learn about them and just check out how cool they are. I bet you probably enjoy herping too and had no idea that is what you were doing!

As if that isn't enough, she also shoots a recurve bow and does jiu jitsu!

What is really special about her is that she and some friends started a group called Fly Girl Global. They connect with girls all over the world to talk about flyfishing by sharing and teaching each other. They meet via zoom or Instagram Live. If you love flyfishing as much as Elena or want to learn a little more, check it out, give @fly_girl_global a follow too!


Presleigh Newcomb @thenukebomb

Presleigh is lucky enough to have been able to hunt in multiple states this year. From a beautiful buck in Texas to Osceola in Florida. She chases everything from bear (how many girls her age can say that??) to whitetail to turkey. 

She let us know that her all time favorite is turkey hunting. She is not a sit-still and wait kind of girl. She likes to interact, call and have them call back, then move in.

Her next fav is deer hunting. She loves to be outside and watch the seasons change. For most region’s whitetail season, you get to see summer change to fall. For some regions you also get to see fall go into winter. She also enjoys getting to watch all the other wildlife go by while waiting for her chance to harvest a deer.

When not in camo she is still outside but on the soccer field. Playing with a travel team, she told us that what she loves about soccer is being able to get aggressive and get out some anger. (One of my daughters played lacrosse, I think for the same reason.) She also said that she enjoys that the play is constantly changing.


Reese Graydon @reesegraydon_outdoors

Scrolling this Alabama girl’s page, you know that she enjoys hanging out with friends, and even showing them a thing or two about fishing. Reese is all about hunting whitetail deer, fishing and especially turkey hunting. She has bagged a couple of gobblers and even a seriously impressive, racked buck last season.

Reese is a supporter of the Catch-A-Dream Celebrity Bass Classic, an event that helps raise awareness for the need of mentoring relationships in her community through a couple of days of fishing. The event raises money for the Catch-A-Dream Foundation which provides resources for kids facing serious medical situations who want a hunting or fishing experience. Check out their page at @friendsofcadfcelebbassclassic.


Delaney Canup @her.hunting.adventures

One thing that Delaney let us know right away is that what she loves the most about being outdoors is the experience she has with the animals. She also told us that she has a great deal of respect for them. I think just about every hunter would say the exact same thing.  Hunters play a significant role in conservation efforts, and we bet that is something that Delaney is proud to be a part of.

She sure is making a name for herself in New Jersey as a serious huntress. She took 1st place in the Garden State Deer Classic in the category of Youth-Typical Crossbow.

Another thing she let us know is that she loves the time she spends with her dad outdoors. Which, we love that she loves that! I bet her dad wouldn’t trade the time in the wilderness watching her grow into a skilled hunter for anything in the world.

Outside of hunting she shows off her speed and agility playing field hockey. And were very impressed to learn that she was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. That is a great accomplishment!



I enjoyed getting to know these amazing girls just a little bit while introducing them to you! I hope you did too and discover that you have something in common with them. 

If you are a girl who loves spending time outdoors, no matter what your hobby, let us know about it!


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