In Her Own Words - Charley Luttrell

In Her Own Words - Charley Luttrell

As a part of our blog, I'd like to give girls the space to share stories of their adventures. Whether it be their very first hunt, first or favorite success, something they learned or even just a funny story. If you have a story, you'd like to share reach out to me through our website, Instagram or Facebook pages. 

Kicking off this series is a story by my daughter, Charley. Enjoy!



By: Charley Luttrell


I’ve been told stories of people having a good memory of a time that wasn’t good at the moment. 

For example, my uncle went on a camping trip with friends.  It rained and he ended up having to wear his friend's mom’s clothes. Even though the story sounds terrible he looks back on this with a smile on his face.

I never understood this phenomenon, until when hiking in the woods with my dad when I stood in the mud for too long, unknowingly, my boots sank.   As I tried to take a step forward, I lost my balance and fell face-first into the mud. As I struggled to get up, all I could think was “this sucks.”  To make matters worse, I let the case carrying the SD cards for our trail cameras slip out of my pocket and we lost them. I felt terrible. I had just lost a lot of money worth of SD cards. We looked for them for hours and ended up going to the truck empty-handed. I thought it again, “this sucks.” I got in the truck in a bad mood. On the way home, we stopped at a gas station, when I walked inside the gas station attendant stopped and stared at me because of the mud I had all over me. I thought it once more. “This sucks.” My dad was fun throughout the deal but made me clean the seats after we got home. As you could of guessed, while I was cleaning the seats, I just kept thinking, “this sucks!” 

After a while I realized that the hike in the woods that day was not so bad, actually it was hilarious. I can’t think about the gas station attendants face without laughing a little. What it must of looked like, a 4’11 blond girl covered in mud! 

One day I was in the car with my cousins. A song came over the radio and one of the lyrics stood out to me. It said “one hundred bad days, makes a one hundred good stories.” And then it clicked! I understood the phenomenon, A little stress and a little trouble can make some awesome memories.

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