Pulled Venison BBQ sandwich

Pulled BBQ Venison Sandwiches

Experimenting with venison recipes is one of our favorite things to do. With hunters in the family, we usually have a freezer full. So, most of our meals are venison something. 

But when my husband had the idea to make BBQ sandwiches from venison, I was very skeptical. Usually, BBQ sandwiches are pork. And pork is fatty and salty...delicious. Venison (also delicious) is lean and can have a gamey flavor. So, I did NOT think it would make for a good pork substitute. 

I was mistaken. Our first go at this was great. Every time we have made it since then we have tweaked it and change it just a little bit just to play around with it and see what works and depending on what we have on hand. 

This recipe is going to be the bare bones, basic recipe. Then I will give some ideas on ways you can dress it up and change it depending on what your preference is. 

Basic Ingredients:

  • Any venison meat at all. We have made this with venison steaks, roast and stew meat. 
  • Broth. We've used both chicken and beef broth. If we have chicken broth on hand, we go with that. But, truly either work great.
  • BBQ sauce. Whatever your favorite is. Vinegar based, sweet or spicy. Check out this line of sauces from nearby our hometown. 


  • Put meat and broth into a crockpot and let it go for 8 hours. 
  • After 8 hours it will be soft enough to pull apart and shred. Use a fork to shred the meat apart while inside the crockpot. 
  • Transfer the shredded meat to a saucepan, pour in BBQ sauce to coat and heat through. 
  • Serve up on your favorite bun and enjoy! 



  • You can chop up an onion and toss that in the crockpot with the meat and broth at the start. 
  • If you have some time before you drop the meat in the crockpot, try searing it beforehand. In a cast iron skillet, on medium high to high heat give a thin coating of olive oil. About 2 tbl will do the job. Sear the meat on each side for just 1-2 minutes, only long enough to brown just the outside. You are not trying to cook it through, only give a little crisp. This will give a crispy texture to the edges of the pulled meat.
  • Sautéing a veggie or two can give it a little extra. Try chopping up an onion, bell pepper, or both. Before you put the shredded the meat into the saucepan, heat up a little olive oil and then toss in the diced veggies of your choice. Once they are softened, then add the shredded meat and BBQ sauce to heat through. 


Serving Suggestions:

  • Play around with toppings. Pickles are an obvious for most (although, not me...gasp, I know). Jalapeño peppers if you like a little heat. Coleslaw though, makes an excellent topping. 
  • Fresh french fries make an excellent side. Yes, actual cut up potatoes dropped in oil. Worth the effort, I assure you. 

Hunting wild game has so many aspects to it that a hunter can be proud of. Accumulating the right gear, learning all about the game you are pursuing, honing your marksmen or archery skills, gaining access to a spot in the wilderness, and being in that right place at the right time and making a successful shot. 

Maybe its a whitetail with a trophy rack and you have it mounted. But what you do with the meat and how you share it with your family and friends is what allows you to incorporate everyone who wasn't in the woods with you. 

Showing your pride for how you turn the meat into a dish for your family is a great way to introduce your sons and daughters to hunting. And teaching them the benefits it provides. 

I hope you give this one a try and let us know what you think. 

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