Girl’s first turkey

In Her Own Words - Presleigh Newcomb aka The Nukebomb

As a part of our blog, I'd like to give girls the space to share stories of their adventures. Whether it be their very first hunt, first or favorite success, something they learned or even just a funny story. If you have a story you'd like to share, then reach out to me at The stories will remain just as they are written, completely unedited by us.  

Adding to this series is Presleigh Newcomb. Give her a follow at @thenukebomb. Also, check out their line of blinds at


Hi my name is Presleigh Newcomb, i'm 11 years old.I shot my first turkey when I was 5 and then a few days later I was 6.We sat down that morning right before daylight at my pop's field and waited, then around 9:00 a turkey walked out, it was a jake.So I told my dad no I want a gobbler.Then a gobbler walked  in range and when I tried to get a shot, the grass was two long and I could not shoot it.So we left and when we came back that afternoon my pop mowed the patch where I was hunting.So we set up again and a few hours later a big gobbler walked out.This time the grass was not to lang so I took a good shot.It dropped and since it was on a hill side it rolled down the hill.This was how I shot my first turkey!

From Presleigh or the nuke bomb
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