5 Reads to Keep Your Outdoor Girl Occupied in the Stand or Blind - Under 13

5 Reads to Keep Your Outdoor Girl Occupied in the Stand or Blind - Under 13

Hunting is exciting, no doubt. When all of the preparation, planning and waiting finally pay off with a harvest, everyone celebrates. Those periods of waiting are a great opportunity to disconnect from a screen, listen to the sounds of woods, get lost in thought and just relax. For adults that sounds like a vacation. For kids, sitting still and being quiet can be kind of torturous. 

Help them grow to love this time as much as you do. Encourage them to stay disconnected from a screen. A great way to do this is to get them drawn into a book and let their imagination run.

Our family seemed to be drawn to adventure stories or stories about kids who overcome obstacles to find their own independence. Particularly books with this storyline that had a female lead, because we were parenting girls. 

Below is a list of 5 of our family's favorite books that we recommend for your outdoor girl to fill the quiet time while waiting in a hunting stand, hunting blind or anytime you can swap that screen for pages.

This list was compiled by my youngest daughter, who happens to be the Avery in Lea Avery Gear, our line of hunting and fishing clothes for outdoor girls.

These are a perfect read for sitting in the woods. Most are stories of survival and wilderness. All are kids or young adults figuring out how to manage their own way through challenges. 


1- Witch of Blackbird Pond - by Elizabeth George Speare

It’s about a girl moves to America from Barbados when her grandfather passes away. She learns to work hard and make her own way. 



2 - Fever 1793 - by Laurie Halse Anderson

In this book, a girl who lives in Philadelphia shortly after the American Revolution. She faces many challenges when the yellow fever strikes home. She gains gumption and skills to survive. 



3 - Hatchet - by Gary Paulsen

This classic book is about a young boy who survived a crash landing in the Canadian wilderness. With only his clothes and his gifted hatchet he learns to hunt, fish, forage, build a shelter and live on his own for weeks waiting for rescue. 



4 - Sign of the Beaver - by Elizabeth George Speare

This book is about a young boy during the westward expansion. He is left to take care of the cabin he and father built while his father returns to Massachusetts to retrieve his mother and siblings. He learns survival and befriends a Native American boy and his family.



5 - Anne of Green Gables - by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Another classic novel. This one is about a young girl who is adopted by a man and woman who thought meant to adopt a boy to help on their farm. But were sent Anne by mistake.  



We hope your adventurous girl gets lost in a story and loves finding the still and quiet of the outdoors with you. 


 Check out our list of recommended reads for girls 13 years old and older to enjoy during the quiet time of hunting. 



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