Grow With Us - Trade In Program

Kids grow too fast, and seasons are too short. We get it! So, grow with us. Trade in last season's too small items for a 20% discount on a larger size.

Restrictions & Rules:

  • Discount to be taken on clothing items only. Excludes logo gear such as hats and t-shirts. Also excludes any accessory items. 
  • Discount to be taken on item within same category as trade it. Meaning trade a hunting item for hunting and fishing item for another fishing item, etc. 
  • Discount to be taken on a larger size. 
  • Heavy stains, rips, tears or other damage may disqualify item for trade in. 
  • All rights reserved to deny a trade in.
  • Program subject to change.

How to Participate:

  • Email us at with subject line "TRADE IN - Your name". 
  • We will reply back to you with a form to include in your trade in package.
  • Mail item and form back to us.
  • Once your item has been approved for trade in, we will send you a discount code. If for any reason the item is not eligible for trade, we will send it back to you. 

What happens to my used item?

We are working through the details of what will happen to the used items. We will likely donate items to a non-profit program. We may eventually offer a consignment segment to our store. Or we may do a combination of both! But either way, we hope you will consider your purchase an investment and come back to us season after season. 


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