Family Day Hike Packing List - Raising Outdoor Girls and Boys

Family Day Hike Packing List - Raising Outdoor Girls and Boys

Family Day Hike Packing List 

Raising Outdoor Girls and Boys


Hiking with kids is most certainly an adventure. But one that you are unlikely to regret, ever. Being well prepared for the day will help make sure it is a great experience for everyone, even if there is a skinned knee or bug bite along the way. It can be an opportunity to provide some incredible memories for the entire family. As well as a chance to learn a thing or two about nature and discover something new. Perhaps one of the best things about hitting the trail with the family is that gives everyone a chance to disconnect from a screen and connect with each other and the world around us, outdoors.

 Girls Hiking - Outdoor Girls

Here are some of the must have things that we take on every trip. All of these things aren’t necessarily in everyone’s back packs. Usually, my husband and I split the bulk of the supplies. When our youngest daughter was little, she carried everyone’s lunch chips and a few other snacks. But in our crew, everyone carries something. 


The Basics:


  • Lunch. Sandwiches, usually, and chips. 
  • Drinks with lunch if your crew is usually in need of a caffeine pick me up.
  • Trail snacks such as cereal bars, trail mix or nuts.
  • Extra, emergency stock of snacks.
    • It is unlikely that you will get stuck on the trail longer than you intend, but best to plan for the unexpected.

We usually make a pit stop at Subway on our way to the trailhead. Check out my post about our typical hike from planning to end. 


Linen Stuff:

  • At least 1 beach towel if your hike is around any water.
  • Picnic blanket with a liner.
  • Extra clothes for the kids.
    • Again, especially if your hike is anywhere near water. But also, in case there are any accidents, you don’t want them to be miserable all day.


  • Sunblock.
  • Bug Spray.
  • A couple of grocery bags or a trash bag. (Don’t leave a trace.)




First Aid:

  • Bandages
  • Anti-bacterial cream or spray.
  • Antihistamine cream for poison ivy or bug bites.
  • Tick remover. This thing is worth the hype!
  • Tweezers.



  • Printed trail map or details of the trail. Yes, printed. You likely have this on your phone, but if your battery dies, your phone ends up at the bottom of a creek or some other catastrophe, you will have a good ol' fashion piece of paper to get you back to your vehicle. 
  • Compass.



  • Headlamp or flashlight – if you get caught on the trail after dark.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Whistle – this is good for location if you become lost, but also if you encounter an animal.
  • Bear spray.
  • Knife.
  • Lighter / matches.
  • Reflective blanket – again, it isn’t likely you have to spend the night in the woods, but better to be prepared.



  • Binoculars.
  • Ponchos.


After the hike:

  • A cooler back at your vehicle with ice and cold drinks.
  • Box of cookies or some other treat to snack on and boost your energy a bit. 


You are ready, so go get out there! I hope you and your family have an amazing adventure together. I hope that your kids see something really cool and learn something even cooler. We think that there are so many benefits to getting your kids outdoors whenever possible, no matter what the activity is. I am a mom to daughters, so am particularly passionate about girls getting outdoors doing things that make them feel strong, capable and unafraid. 

If there is something that you and your family always stuff in your packs, let us know!


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